Welcome to Hickey Networks!

My name is Brian Hickey and I am the sole-proprietor of Hickey Networks. I am a U.S Navy submarine veteran, born and raised in Bayville, and I have over 15 years of experience networking, integration and repairing computers. I offer many different types of computer repair services, including data transfers, reformats, virus removal and spyware / adware cleanups. If your PC is running slowly, I guarantee you will be happy with the service you receive. I also offer training on new technologies such as tablets and phones.

Mission: Work with customers on cutting-edge technologies and help them apply new technologies to their business or home use.

Specialties: Formally educated and accomplished in designing, implementing, maintaining, and rebuilding computer network architectures with an emphasis on security and reliability.

Experience: Service-oriented network engineer with experience in the national defense, gaming technology, and computer repair service industries.

You may know me previously from Bayville Computer Repair. Please visit my LinkedIn page below for more information about me.


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